Home Selling Fun Fact #10: All The Manuals!

Welcome to the first in a random number ten part series*  of weird things you won’t know until your hip deep in selling a house. Well – things that we didn’t know about selling a house and at the very least it’s a good topic to bring up as we’re living it. Your mileage may vary. 

Tip #10:  Make sure you hold onto those manuals as you replace your fixtures or upgrade your appliances because they’ll most likely need to be passed onto the new owner.

Thankfully we’ve been squirreling these things away for everything, and I mean everything that we’ve done. No joke – there are installation sheets for light switches being handed off to this lucky couple. If you don’t believe me, just check out the stack:

An impressive stack of manuals
An “impressive” stack of manuals

Glorious, right?

No, I know… It looks pathetic in that picture but that’s because I take incredibly awful photos. The monstrosity in the image above is about four inches thick, nearly five pounds and needed to be tied to keep it from spilling everywhere.

As for the bit about needing to be passed onto the new owner, that isn’t overstating anything. That’s something outlined in both the Stronghold’s and the Farmhouse’s official P&S. I guess nothing horrible would happen if I accidentally threw out the manual for the washing machine, but why take the chance? Besides, it’s so much easier to hold onto a bunch of paper that already came with the thing then it is to be trying to dig around the internet and find downloadable copies of everything a few nights before closing.

*Let’s start at the bottom of the list for now and move our way up. Then, if there’s more ground to cover we’ll be totally unprofessional and tack on more numbers to the bottom. Sounds like a good plan to me anyway!

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