Home Selling Fun Fact #9: Are You Screwed… Into the Wall?

Welcome to the second of a ten part series dealing with the weird and wacky world of selling a house. In today’s post we’ll be talking about window blinds.

Tip #9: Make sure that you aren’t attached to those blinds or curtain rods you have up. Anything that’s screwed into the window framing is considered part of the house and has to be left behind to the new owners. 

Don’t worry, take your time and re-read that one a few times.

So now that you’ve absorbed that let me try to make you feel better: if you don’t want to include your pricey rods in the sale of your house make sure you replace them with something a little more thrifty before your open house.

Something like this comes to mind
Something like this comes to mind

Because if you don’t you’re just out of luck and back on the market for rods and blinds – which is the exact position I’m in right now. Now is it the worst position? No, not at all, and the spendy blinds probably helped sell the house by giving it an elegant look. That, and since I’ve got nearly double the number of rooms at the new place I was going to be in the market for them anyway. But that doesn’t mean that I wish someone hadn’t mentioned it to me before the P&S!

In fact, curtains and rods aren’t the only thing that fall into this category. It’s worth noting that anything screwed into the wall or considered a fixture is sold with the house. Yes, that means Grandma’s antique chandelier. So if you love it and can’t imagine living at your new place without it, take it down and either patch the wall or replace the fixture before you show it to anyone. Including your realtor!

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