The Front Door

So one of the earlier tasks we had to take care of was replacing the front door. It was a 32 inch wide entrance way, and was pretty beat up. Like, tic-tac-toe games scratched into it kind of beat up. We decided this would be the perfect opportunity to open the frame up and put in a 36″ one, that way we’d be able to get appliances into the house (ones that were bigger than dorm-sized, and hopefully post-WWII era).

Removing the old door was fairly simple. Cut the drywall frame, sawzall the beams, done. But thats when we noticed that it was not straight, missing 2x4s, and generally crappy. This meant we needed to recreate a wider frame structure, also cutting off more of the front of the house. AND some vinyl siding. Needless to say, it turned into an extremely long day. Once the hole was made, it wasn’t a guarantee that the new door would even fit perfectly, which it didn’t. More vinyl siding was cut. Then the balancing and securing.
That was day one.

Days later we painted it, installed new hardware, and screwed on the door knocker. The knocker we actually got at the Brimfield town-wide antique/flea market. Its totally rad and we designed a lot of what did around it.

We also painted the shutters a dark grey to pull the whole thing together. Thankfully the front of the house makes it look sort of livable now.

I still want to make a flat box to mount the light onto, because right now it is crooked and that bothers me like crazy (note the new light fixture). All in time I guess.

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