Laying down the floor.

So this one has been a while coming, but we didn’t have a floor for some time. I know I probably mentioned the four layers of floor we need to pull up to get to the “subfloor”, but I never mentioned the reinstallation part. Essentially for about a month we could see through the kitchen floor into the basement through some widely gaped floor planks. Now, I’m not sure if this constitutes a subfloor or not, but I’ve gotten some pretty funny looks trying to explain what exactly it is.

Anyways, we rented a van and bought something like ten gigantic pieces of plywood in addition to five sheets of greenboard drywall and five regular sheets. Or ten of the former, I don’t recall anymore. In any case, I’m glad I bought $60 worth of assorted sized screws, because I put at least half of them into that goddamned floor. That shit will NOT be squeaking. Nope.

Two days and multiple drill blisters later, the house looks like something that could one day be livable. Who would have thought.

Jessica being helpful.

Gratuitous butt shot

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