walls of the dry variety

we decided to finish up the kitchen before the electricity was fully hooked up. this is mostly due to the fact that our cabinets and appliances were coming in. so, we preemptively ran some wires up and started putting the walls in. insulation up, drywall measured, screwed into place, and compounded. it sounds so simple now, but trust me, it was no walk in the park. two days off of work and a full weekend later, we have walls in our kitchen. the compounding and the sanding and the recompounding and the resanding was pretty trying. also, i found myself hung over more often than not for some strange reason, making the whole thing extremely difficult to deal with.

we also blitzkrieged the tile selection and the painting. so on top of being in existence, the walls in the kitchen room are painted as well. gotta say, its pretty encouraging to see some progress for once. I hope everything fits.

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