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While the water heater was melting like a western witch in a swimming pool, the furnace decided that it didn’t like the Sepco having all the fun and decided to throw a tantrum of it’s own.  Not a big one – but it was just enough to throw a little stress in the direction of two home owners starting to feel like they were Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.

On the evening of the day the water heater lost the will to live, the furnace fan wrote a suicide note:

“Dear Homeowners;  I’ve been spinning for about 25 years now and have lost the will to live.  Thank you for the love and care you have recently shown me.  I haven’t been tuned up for nearly a decade and thank you for showing me that last respect but I am no longer fit for this world as I can no longer go on without my dear friend and longtime companion, the Water Heater. Goodbye.  —  Furnace Fan.  P.s.  I’m taking the capacitor with me.”

Long story remarkably short – I called the same oil company and because we were smart enough to get the service contract (yay!) we only owe parts and not labor for a surprisingly easy mechanical recovery.  New fan, new capacitor and we were back in the house heating business.

**Cho Edit: Note the box fan jammed into the bottom where the actual fan should be. WE DO PAPER PLATES HERE.

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