& Sump Pumps! Oh my!

Please meet our sump pump. Sump pump, don’t be rude – say hello. See, he’s not as scary as we thought. Just a little misguided.

Now that we’ve all been introduced I would like to tell a little story involving our little pumper here and how the incredibly stupid previously homeowners left him to rot in the wall.

It all starts around the time of the water heater disaster. To empty the tank we dragged out the garden hose and hooked one end up to the tank and strung the other end out to the sump pump. Interestingly enough the pump worked but water was flooding back into the house. Hm. Long story short again, we tore the wall off and discovered the hole in the pipe that was spitting water directly into the moldy insulation. Ever handy, Chonny’s mom wrapped the damned thing with electrical tape, and thats how it sits to date 😀

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