sumps: addendum

so the outside of the pump was kind of hurting too, unsurprisingly enough. not only was the pipe broken and dumping right back into the house, the external portion of it pretty much dropped the water right back into the concrete. my mom, ever resourceful, built a little trench drain with stones for the main gutter. we plugged in a random pvp pipe in until we can run a longer pipe down the back of the yard (we probably dug that temp pipe up out of the yard. who knows, theres so much shit buried out there). man, looking at these pictures now only makes me yearn for the warmer weather. this update is like, five months old.

check out the sick extender, yo.

february update: we know its working because the snow has been melting and putting the pump to work overtime. there is a channel in the yard and it looks like a creek parting the snowdrifts.

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