The Power of Valspar: Part Three

We bought the place in August, 2010, moved in sometime in November and had been using the three-season porch as a pit to chuck all those weird whatcha-ma-call-its, we-might-need-thats and about $35 in empty beer bottles since day numero-uno.  Yeppers… as you can imagine it was pretty dingy out there.  But as the weather got warmer we started day dreaming of a useable porch.

A few weekends ago we got rained in and couldn’t spend any time on the fence project and we took the opportunity to rejuvenate the porch. We tossed most of the heap, redeemed the beer bottles and bought ourselves a few cans of paint.  The results aren’t breath-taking… but it’s much nicer out there.  Especially once we gutted the ceiling and exposed the underside of the roof.  (heh).

So, for all you nay-sayers who don’t think you can rejuvenate a space with under $100 and an afternoon we say think again!

Here are some before, during and after the make-over photos:


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