Kitchen Followup

So in our winter absence from the site (we were pretty busy), I’m looking back here and seeing that when last we left, the kitchen was still a disaster. Since that last drywall post we’ve installed the cabinets, done the back-splash, gotten the counter top, painted the walls, trimmed the door and window, hung curtains, a dish rack, and hooked up the appliances. We’re finally out of the stone age on this one, trust me.

I’ve got to say, when we first started this whole thing I didn’t expect much out of this room. But since we’ve redone it and knocked that silly wall down, I’ve been pretty pleased with the whole thing. We still have a few things to go, like side-skinning the cabinets and installing some trim, the bulk of the work is done.  Hurrah!  Check the gallery for some updated pics.

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