The Basement Entrance Project Part.1 The Assessination

The time had come. For about a year I fought with a medieval style bar-and-plank lock for a door that didnt fit, and a second door (which also didn’t fit) that could only be opened by jumping, grabbing a rafter, and swinging back to kick open, all Batman like. While that part was kind of cool, it got a bit old with the severe draft during the winter and the parade of large bugs that came in during the summer.

Actually, this was something we had been planning on doing for some time, but what really tipped the scale was the day was stood in the basement contemplating the ‘when’, and a giant stag beetle crawled over the top of the door are stared at us. Right then and there we decided to start basically immediately. Here are some before pictures so you can see what i mean:

this would be a great picture if not for the hideous structure attached to the house.





Seriously though, more than once i wondered what the hell i saw in this place a year ago.

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