The Basement Entrance Project Part.3

So once we cleared that garbage out, we spent about a week filling in the concrete and letting it dry in two stages. Then we started with the framing. This was when we realized exactly the breadth of the new structure. We had to cut back some vinyl siding, which is always a huge pain in the ass, and we decided to go with an asymmetrical roof, being longer on one side than the other.

We also discovered a nest of ants and their larvae within the walls. After the initial revulsion, I sprayed an entire can of insect killer into the while mess, and we had ants falling out of the house dead for the next couple of hours. It was actually kind of sad, because they were carrying out their young to safety before dying, and helping each other by dragging the wounded to a “safer” location while they all slowly perished from the toxins. Seriously, I was kind of glad they were leaving the walls of my house, but also really upset to do this to them. Yes, i’m that kind of a person.


Here is a picture of the structure with our makeshift roof. You can still see the concrete frame in there being held up buy shitty 2x4s.


Yes, we actually did this. Don’t judge us.


Here we started with the walls on the following weekend. At this point its starting to actually look like something, which is reassuring.

Naturally, Jessica was drinking on the job pretty much the entire way through.


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