Bonus: The Shed

I know, it’s been a while. And, as per usual, more significant changes. The short list: more progress on the rear entrance, some small kitchen updates, and starting the Hospitable Basement project.

Its late right now though, and I’m still struggling with the weird cold I must’ve gotten last night at the New Years thing (I’m sure it wasn’t the heavy drinking), so I’ll refrain from the lengthy post. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the shed we had installed a couple months ago. Since we had the ongoing entrance project, we figured we’d pay someone else to do this one. It didn’t come without some sort of work needed though. We painted it, put in the drip edge, and even flipped the window around 180 degrees, since the contractor put it in upside down.

It’s really nice having a dedicated place for all the yard crap.

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