The Basement Entrance Project part 6 – Painting, and the Guts

We painted the external part of the structure, and installed a light, so it looks WAY better now, and definitely looks near-completion.

The next step is the tricky one, though. Running wires for switches, fixtures, insulation, and drywall. As we started, we were reminded of what we were doing a little over a year ago, back at the end of 2010. At least this isn’t something too important, like the kitchen. Or running water.



as you can see, we’ve got some yard work to do this coming spring. We also still have about 2/3 of the drywall to hang, but at least there’s power to the interior and exterior lights and outlets.



In the meantime, we’ve been painting and furnishing the basement, trying to make it a livable space, incorporating it to the rest of the house. We’ve got a rad new sofa and all sorts of cool things, but I’ll fill you guys in on that one later.

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