The Murder Room Basement Bathroom Part.1

So it’s been pretty quiet on this blog this year, but I assure you, we’re still busy. The big ticket this time though is the second bathroom.

The previous occupants carved out some space in the basement where the bathroom was supposed to be. Like everything else in here though, it was never finished, and what work had been done was pretty piss poor. For those of you who have been following this blog, you may recognize this space as the notorious sump room. It’s been the catch-all for random stuff and discarded items, in addition to said flood prevention devices. It had also inherited the fond title of MurderRoom due to how utterly dismal it was. However, beneath the concrete was a bathroom pump connected to the main plumping stack, and the workings of a basic bathroom. Promising.

Here is a glimpse of how we were using the room:


Ah, the sump. That sucked.


Naturally, we thought most of the hard work was done, but when the plumber came in to take a look, it was determined that the floor needed to be broken up, new pipes installed, and then re-concreted over again. FUN. The original placement of the toilet pipe put it square in the middle of the room, making for some really awkward personal time. Plus, squeezing a shower and a sink in there was a fairly daunting proposition. Unfortunately, I don’t have better pictures of the room pre-op, but here is a good one of the basic plumbing installed:



Sadly, he had to cut open our upstairs bathroom wall to get at the main stack and bolt in a vent pipe. when I came home to this, I was very disheartened. This also included opening one of the basement walls.



Thankfully, by the time I write this, this part of the process has already been completed. It gets better from here.

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