The Farmhouse Bucket List

The last five at the Stronghold has taught us a lot about home remodeling and now that we’re headed to the Farmhouse we get the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned on a grand scale. From the bathrooms to the kitchen, the garage loft to the backyard fence, here’s a list of what we want (and hope) to get done at the new digs. Before we start I’ll link our inspiration. So let’s see how this goes, shall we?

  • Restore exterior for historic accuracy. Vinyl is gross. Just sayin’
    • Stone wall (Done!)
    • Sconce lighting (in progress)
    • Siding
    • Roofing
    • Windows
  • Change kitchenette to laundry center with study nook (in progress)
  • The loft deserves more then subfloor and squirrel tenants – make this awesome! (in progress)
  • Maybe even add a walk out porch to the loft
  • Add walk out porch to the master bedroom
  • The front and side porches are super nice… but can they connect?
  • Widen the street end of the driveway to accommodate two car widths.
  • Move the mailbox!
  • Firepit?
  • What is going on with the upstairs bathroom?
  • Add a bathroom to garage loft
  • Remodel lower bathroom and extend by blowing away the closet
  • Better insulate the basement walls
  • Do something about the attic – that shiz is grossing me out
  • And while we’re at it,¬†Jacuzzi?

And here’s the list of everything we’ve managed to accomplish from the original list above. Not too shabby.

Done, but here’s a list of everything that needs a write up.

  • Fence in the yard¬†
  • Replace the front door
  • Replace the side door
  • Refinish the front stairs
  • Maybe adding a fan to the gazebo?
  • Let’s build a shed
  • Change the upstairs floor plan to include three normal sized bedrooms
  • Convert downstairs to open floor plan-ish

Bonus done — things not on the original list but we did anyway. Also, needs write ups (catching up after 4 years is FUN!)

  • Raised garden bed
  • Arbour
  • Master bedroom?!
  • Kids furniture update
  • Living room built in
  • Whole home water filter
  • Mini split system
  • Basement storage update
  • Landscape Lighting