The Outside: A (Brief) Four Year Update – Part 1, The Front Door

Just under four years ago, we bought the Farmhouse for two reasons. The first was the price – being in one of the most inflated part of the country in terms of real estate prices means that you really have to stick to your guns with this one… let yourself lose sight of it and BAM you’ve spent a million dollars for a bungalow crammed between two high rises.

The second, was that while the inside was dated and in need of some serious love, it was in perfectly fine move in condition and the outside was gorgeous! I mean, really well landscaped and hardscaped – something that both of us here have struggled with. And it was DONE!

Like, gorgeously done by Natural Path Landscaping

So, what on earth could this update be about then if it was all done on move in day?


If you honestly asked that with a straight face I’m impressed. It means you don’t know us very well. Just because something is liveable, doesn’t mean it’s done. Even after four years of adding and improving, we aren’t done.

The saddest fact? It will probably never be done.

Anyway. Let’s start with some blast from the past photos. Just a few of the original listing photos to set the tone.

Here’s the side of the home. Pretty nice actually.
And here’s the front. Blue door? White fence (looks WAY better here, but it was falling over)

So, generally good shape. Made us silly happy but things, inevitably, change. Things like, adding a shed, updating the gazebo with a paddle fan, or, you know…

The Front Door

I’d normally say something snarky about how starting at the front door only makes sense, but not so much at the Farmhouse. See, we use the side door every day – which was also replaced if you missed it in the kitchen updates – but the front door was leaky and creaky, and the giant pane of glass made my husband break into a cold sweat. It needed to go.

It’s a shame that it was painted such a lovely color – didn’t save it in the end though.

Forgot that we briefly experimented with a hanging light in the foyer… short story is it wasn’t really the right style and it hung low enough to bonk the door. Nopers.

Pulling down the wall
Working on cutting the new header we were going to need because why swap a 34″ door with another 34″ door? Might as well open that puppy up!

Meanwhile, my then only 5 month old son was trying to figure out what kind of family he’d let himself get born into.

..and make some space for a few sidelights
Trip is all jenked up, and we’re missing some serious amount of vinyl but so nice, isn’t it?

It got a little dicey in the middle there since doors need to be square to close, and we live in a 150 year old house so that’s always fun. But after fewer hours than I’d have initially thought, (only 8, possibly 10? It was getting dark and cold there by the end), the door was in.

More to come soon™!

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