an interlude: the attic door project

Everybody seems to have a pretty good idea on how to install an attic door. I got to hear them all.
Once we had some time to implement this, all that wisdom went to good use. But, like everything else in this house, it wasn’t so straightforward. The hallway had a particularly inconvenient light fixture preventing this installation easily from either side. So, into the attic, I had to rewire some archaic ceiling wire. And cut the damn thing out of the house. That took a couple hours alone, for some reason. Luckily, with the power of multitasking, theJessle and my mom were able to clear out the kitchen walls in the meantime.

The attic sucks, to put it plainly. The only way in is through a square about two by two feet. Once up there, it is hot and you cant breath since all the blown insulation is easily disturbed. Its clean, at least, save for all the damned spiderwebs. Anyways, here are some shots:

This is essentially what I look like the minute I walk through that door until I leave-

Here is the gaping hole in the ceiling. Man, that shit took forever.

Finished. I really need to change that pull tab thingie.

My dad with some nice celebratory beers. Blood.

TheJessle with my mom on my sweet eating table (the floor).

So yeah, we just need to trim it up and then DONE. I don’t think I ever knew I’d be so proud of how sturdy an attic pull down ladder was, but dude, that shit is SO sturdy.


  1. ringstar
    September 14, 2010

    At least you have a mask for when the zombie apocalypse comes…It’ll be interesting to see the two of you fight over it though 😀 Crazy man, I know it’s a lot of hard work, but it looks like you had fun destroying the kitchen!

    • theJessle
      September 16, 2010

      Meh – no use in fighting. Cho’s stronger and would probably just steal the mask and run away the first time I stopped for a smoke break. ;-D

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