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Hello people. Please come with us on a journey of pain, stress, expenses, and plasterdust. We’ve bought a house and need renovate it. It all started about six months ago.

The Jessica and myself found ourselves at a point in our lives where buying a house sounded like a good idea.  No more burning money on rent, dealing with landlords, that sort of thing. I want to own land. Finding the right place was no small feat (assuming thats what happened ultimately). A delicate balance of location, price, condition, yardhouse ‘niceness’, and neighborhood turned out to be rather hard to find. We essentially burned a lot of time looking in marlborough and the metro west area, and that turned out to be less than lucrative. Forced to turn the fire up, we started aggressively looking in the south-of-boston areas such as north attleboro and the like. Enter Randolph.

After about five months we found a house we saw some doable potential in (read: it was a foreclosure that wasn’t COMPLETELY wrecked). After Murphy’s law was applied to nearly every aspect of the process, we obtained some keys and hunkered down for a long road of repair and work.

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