Goodbye Stronghold: Before & Afters

One thing that we’ve never been particularly good at here on PlasterQuest is putting up decent before and after shots in order to give you a better view into what’s really happened here over the last five years. Now that Cho and I are moving on to bigger and scarier projects, I thought it was about time we closed the loop on our accomplishments here. Check out the before and afters below and keep an eye out on PQ. We might be saying goodbye to the Stonghold, but it taught us a lot and with the new place being over 150 years young, there are more adventures coming soon so things should be picking back up around here!

The Exterior:

It’s sad that the pictures do such a poor job conveying how much better the curb appeal is now. With clean, painted shutters, a new front door, fixtures, and better plantings overall, the house just looks more inviting now.


Note the overgrown front bushes, “charming” front door and aluminum windows on the porch. Other big changes? Well, the fence for starters.


Notice the silhouette in the corner?
Not a huge difference, but updated fixtures and the new siding on the sun room cleaned the place up a lot.

The Sun Room:

Aside from the kitchen, this is my absolute favorite project here at the Stronghold. After a living with the painted over problem of rotting walls, leaky aluminum windows, and a host of other issues like the unsafe stairs to the backyard, we finally ripped it apart and made it something truly special. I just love this room now.


What lovely vinyl floors and mushy ceilings you have…
…and beautiful broken storm door…

…and those leaky, 60 year old windows are just stunning!
The inside wasn’t the only thing that changed either. See the ugly going on here? Lots and lots of ugly.


It’s a blurry picture – but isn’t this place just so much more relaxing now?
With it’s cathedral ceiling? (And built in speakers?)
And it’s full glass slider with calming views to the deck and backyard?



This one happened in a bunch of stages, but it’s looking so much better out there!


BEFORE: HAHA!! Look at that ugly thing? What were they thinking!
BEFORE: Well – before the deck anyway. It’s the best that I’ve got!


shed deck deck2

AFTER (no sh*t)

Bedrooms, Kitchen and General Interior:

LOTS happened inside the Stronghold, and unfortunately, a lot of it wasn’t captured, but here’s my best effort and gathering some good side-by-side area shots of the interior.

The “Dining Room”


AFTER – Use the accent shelf as reference!


AFTER: A good old fashion glamour shot!

The Kitchen

BEFORE the wall was knocked out and the “dining” room and kitchen became one

BEFORE: Admire the same vinyl from the porch floor, poorly maintained 1950’s cabinets, micro-fridge and boob light!


AFTER: If I’m going to miss anything…
AFTER: it’s going to be this kitchen.


Miscellaneous Interior

I kick myself for not downloading the original listing photos so that I could have full sized copies of them on file, so I can’t blow them up. Do so at your own, blur-tastic risk!


That’s all from me today. Jessle out!

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