The Farmhouse: What Did We Just Get Ourselves Into?

A year ago today we sold The Stronghold and bought The Farmhouse.


Beautiful grounds that are reminiscent of a bed and breakfast, interior maintained well enough for a home built in 1861, and affordable – we were sold as soon as we saw the listing.

While the purchase had it’s own issues moving day went well enough. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any real pictures of the day-of festivities since 1) we actually had to hire a moving firm last minute since Budget lied to us* and didn’t actually have the truck we’d reserved and 2) it was hotter than Hades the day of the move and everyone kinda looked like melted wax. It wasn’t anything you want to see. Trust me.

While we miss the old place, I mean we’d be crazy not to – it was virtually brand new by the time we left! – I assure you that we’re in love with the new home. I mean, never mind that we have plans to rip just about everything out and replace it** how could you not love this place based on the views alone?

I know. The place is gorgeous.. on the outside.

The inside on the other hand is in need of intense restoration. Hey house! The 90’s called. It wants it honey oak and highlighter yellow walls back.


Not only is this the worst laid out kitchen in history it’s the worst laid out laundry closet too. All this while paying homage to the tiny, useless honey oak cabinet with tan linoleum movement of 1988. Then there’s the white whale of refrigerator in the middle of the room. That’s what I want to see when I walk through the door. In fact, all should admire my refrigerator from the moment they walk in. Gaze upon its glory!


Then there’s the illegal second floor apartment. Which feels like the worlds smallest labyrinth covered in 1970’s shag and oak doors. 1-31-2016_020


It did however have one really awesome thing going for it! What’s an illegal apartment without a kitchenette? Fun Fact: With only half the number of cabinets this kitchenette was easier to work in then the one downstairs and, because these are REAL house sized cabinets (and not dollhouse sized pieces of garbage) all the kitchen stuff fit.

Yes. I said all of it.

It’s about now you might (justifiably) be wondering if there was anything good about the interior and to that question I’ll provide a tentative yes. Take a look at the window in our master bedroom:

Look past the blue carpet and baby blue walls and we’ve got a palladium window, cathedral ceiling and a double closet. Definitely workable.

Lots of work for sure. And this tour doesn’t even cover the whole property since before shots of the bathrooms, two other bedrooms or the garage loft still need to be uploaded. In any case, welcome to our new home! We can’t wait to share our progress and now that the blur has slowed to a sprint, our plans!

*Yes. Straight up lied. I might write up another quick advice post at some point soon, but do yourself a favor: Call your service providers 24-36 hours prior to your move! I thought I was totally in the clear but hadn’t received any pesky verification call so I picked up the phone the day before the move to make sure I had a truck. Guess what? Budget didn’t even have a truck like I’d reserved within a 300 mile radius. Guess what else? They were going to charge me for it anyway and sell me on renting 2 trucks that didn’t even have the same storage capacity on the day of! I, um, “politely” refused their offer with a few choice words interspersed and called all the companies I’d gotten quotes from before settling on a self-move. Thank goodness that I’d done that! No idea how we would have done that if I hadn’t.. no freakin’ clue.

**For the blood pressure levels of all the historic home lovers out there when we say rip it out and replace, we mean replace or restore to get this home back to its roots. The last few owners loved all things 1990’s and plastic so much needs to be done. But were’ working on it…



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