Sumps, part: ohmygodwhywontitend

Seriously. I’m getting really tired of this pump situation. So, a freak heavy snowstorm in October showed us that our current sump system (see: May) wasn’t going to hack it. Not only the plaster tube running down the yard require multiple passes with a roll of duct tape over the summer, but somehow water was still coming into the house via the pump. Totally ironic, right? I feel like this subject needs it’s own category at this point.

So, since the window of opportunity to do this before the ground froze over was dwindling, we decided to just rip the whole goddamned thing out and replace it. New pump, new pipes, new hole in the back of the yard. We started by digging a new trench down the length of the yard, and pulled out the old rusted pipes that weren’t even hooked up to begin with. Then we pulled the old pump out. The following four hours were dedicated to removing the pipe from like, five inches of foundation.






Once we were able to continue, it was getting dark, so we went out for a pitcher of rum.

The next day I was able to dig the hole at the end and fill it with rocks. I made a home-made drain system with a sawed off bucket and more duct tape, and then buried that sucker. Shits hella pro.

As I write this i still need to reconcrete the hole in the side of the house that the pipe runs out of, but whatever. Close enough.

dude this shit is HELLA pro
dude this shit is HELLA pro

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